Floor Maintenance

Maintaining Your Wood Floors

In order to keep your newly finished floors looking like new for years to come, it’s important to perform regular floor maintenance.

Vacuum Your Floor Weekly

Underfoot, the fine grit in dust and dirt — especially in high-traffic areas, will eventually wear through your wood floor’s finish. Vacuuming or dust mopping regularly will prevent this from occurring.

Keep Floor Away From Moisture

Water can ruin the finish on a hardwood floor and can stain it by penetrating the wood’s surface. When rain happens, be sure to close your windows and always wipe up any stray water immediately.

Protect High-Traffic Parts of the Home Using Area Rugs

High-traffic areas are susceptible to wear and tear and slowly break down the wood floor’s finish. Area rugs provide a nice aesthetic touch to any area while protecting the floor’s finish.

Regular Floor Refinishing and Repair

If you are concerned about the state of your hardwood floors, contact Ron-Del Floor Service for a free estimate. We provide a number of services , including wood floor refinishing, sanding and coating.

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